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    San Diego Gas & Electric Company2880G106/30/2020June 2020 Buyback RateNo07/31/202006/30/202031Accepted
    Southern California Gas Company5656G106/30/2020June 2020 Buy-Back RatesNo07/31/202006/30/202031Accepted
    Liberty Utilities (CalPeco Electric) LLC146E106/29/2020Liberty Utilities (CalPeco Electric) LLC (U-933 E) Revisions to Rates per Decision 20-05-044No07/30/202007/01/202031Accepted
    San Diego Gas & Electric Company2877G106/30/2020Information-Only - Biannual Report on Cost Impacts Resulting from Decision (D.) 19-08-002 (Core Balancing /Advanced Meter Data Aggregation SystemNo07/30/202006/30/202030Accepted
    Southern California Gas Company5659G106/30/2020Information-Only - Biannual Report on Cost Impacts Resulting from Decision (D.) 19-08-002 (Core Balancing /Advanced Meter Data Aggregation System)No07/30/202006/30/202030Accepted
    Southern California Edison Company4062E308/28/2019Basic Ordering Agreement Between Southern California Edison Company and the United States Navy for Energy Related Services at Naval Facilities Located in Southern California Edison Company's Service Area.No07/30/202009/27/2019337Accepted
    Southern California Gas Company5647G206/16/2020Monthly Minimum Charges for Bypass Customers Under Schedule No. GT-TLSNo07/29/202007/16/202043Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company4264G106/24/2020July 2020 G-SUR Rate ChangeNo07/29/202007/01/202035Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company4265G106/24/2020July 1, 2020 Gas Core Procurement Rate Changes No07/29/202007/01/202035Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company5866E206/29/2020Creation of New Filed Form Interconnection Agreement for Rate Schedule NEM2VSOM for Virtual Net Energy Metering Solar On Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) PropertiesNo07/29/202007/29/202030Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company4271G107/03/2020Advice Letter for Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Core Gas Supply (CGS) and the CPUC Public Advocates Office (Public Advocates Office)No07/29/202007/03/202026Accepted
    San Diego Gas & Electric Company3526E204/08/2020(Clean-up Submittal to Modify the Electric Advanced Metering and Demand Response Memorandum Account (AMDRMA) and the Direct Participation Demand Response Memorandum Account (DPDRMA)No07/29/202007/28/2020112Accepted
    San Diego Gas & Electric Company2881G106/30/2020Revision of the Core Procurement Rate Effective July 1, 2020No07/28/202007/01/202028Accepted
    Southern California Gas Company5657G106/30/2020July 2020 Core Procurement Charge UpdateNo07/28/202007/01/202028Accepted
    Silicon Valley Clean7E211/18/2019Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority Request For Month Ahead Local Resource Adequacy Waiver For The January 2020 Compliance Period.No07/28/202007/20/2020253Accepted
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