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    Peninsula Clean Energy Authority001E202/27/2018GHG Emission Performance Standard (EPS) filing 2018No05/09/201803/15/201871Accepted
    Redwood Coast Energy003E202/15/2019GHG Emission Performance Standard (EPS) filing 2019No02/26/201903/08/201911Accepted
    Lancaster Choice Energy006E202/16/2018Emission Performance Standard (EPS) Filing 2018No02/23/201803/15/20187Accepted
    Sonoma Clean Power006E202/12/2018GHG EMission Performance Standard (EPS) filing 2018No02/26/201803/14/201814Accepted
    Blue Star Energy1 - 02/11/2011GHG Environmental Performance Standard Compliance Filing 2011No03/10/201102/11/201127Accepted
    Conocophillips Pipe Line Company1 - 06/04/2002New tariffs filed reflect change of name from Unocal California Pipeline Co. to Union Pipeline Co. (California)No06/12/200206/04/20028Accepted
    Crimson California Pipeline LP1 - 04/29/2005New tariffNo05/25/200505/01/200526Accepted
    Ellwood Pipeline, Inc.1 - 06/20/2000New tariff for transportation of crude petroleum from Berry Petroleum's La Conchita Production Facilities located in Ventura CountyNo08/21/200008/21/200062Accepted
    EnerCal USA, LLC1 - 02/15/2011Greenhouse Gas Emission Performance Standard Compliance Filing 2011No03/10/201103/01/201123Accepted
    Energy America, LLC1 - 02/29/2008GHG Environmental Performance Standard Compliance FilingNo03/18/200803/16/200818Accepted
    Eott Energy Pipeline Ltd. Partnership1 - 11/03/1999Adoption of Koch Pipeline Company, L. P. tariffs.No06/14/200012/01/1999224Accepted
    Equilon California Pipeline Company LLC1 - 05/10/1999Initial tariff schedules.Yes08/20/199905/01/1999102Accepted
    Glacial Energy of California1 - 03/14/2011GHG Environmental Performance Standard Compliance Filing for 2011No04/06/201103/17/201123Accepted
    Grid Alternatives1 - 03/26/2009Proposed Changes to the California Solar Initiative Program Handbook to Incorporate the Single-Family Affordable Solar Homes ProgramNo05/27/200904/15/200962Accepted
    Marin Energy Authority1 - 02/15/2011Greenhouse Gas Emission Performance Standard Compliance FilingNo03/11/201103/17/201124Accepted
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