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    Bear Valley Electric Service, Inc.422E205/27/20212020 Base Revenue Requirement Adjustment Mechanism AmortizationNo06/23/202106/30/202127Accepted
    San Diego Gas & Electric Company3772E/2982G205/26/2021SDG&E Balance Transfers of the COVID-19 Pandemic Protections Memorandum Accounts (CPPMA) into the Residential Uncollectible Balancing Accounts (RUBA)in Compliance with Decision (D.) 20-06-003No06/23/202106/25/202128Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company4429G/6181E205/03/2021Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Proposed Modifications to Medical Baseline Program Self-Certification Request Form (Form 61-0502) and Medical Baseline Program Application (Form 62-3481)No06/23/202107/01/202151Accepted
    Southern California Gas Company5813G205/26/2021Request for Approval of the Quitclaim of Property Pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 851 and General Order 173.No06/23/202106/25/202128Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company6198E205/21/2021Submits Notice of Construction, Pursuant to General Order 131-D, for the Construction of Moraga-Oakland X 115 kV Power Line Reliability Project in Contra Costa County and City of OrindaNo06/23/202106/20/202133Accepted
    Southwest Gas Corporation1175G104/30/2021To update procurement charges applicable to Schedule No. GCP for core customers and the Transportation Franchise Fee (TFF) and Transportation Distribution Shrinkage (TDS) Surcharges applicable to core and noncore customersNo06/23/202105/01/202154Accepted
    Southern California Gas Company5802G104/30/2021May 2021 Core Procurement Charge UpdateNo06/23/202105/01/202154Accepted
    San Diego Gas & Electric Company2974G104/30/2021Revision of the Core Procurement Rate Effective May 1, 2021No06/23/202105/01/202154Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company5918E208/17/2020Implementation Plan for Community Microgrid Enablement Program in Compliance with D.20-06-017Yes06/22/202103/18/2021309Signed
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company6122E103/19/2021Winter 2020 Bundled RPS Energy Sale Solicitation; Power Purchase and Sale Agreement Between Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Multiple BuyersYes06/21/202106/18/202194Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company6213E106/02/2021Changes to Residential Delivery Minimum Bill Amount Per Decision 20-03-003No06/18/202106/02/202116Accepted
    San Diego Gas & Electric Company2980G105/24/2021April 2021 Standby Procurement RateNo06/17/202105/24/202124Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company4434G105/19/2021Minor Revisions to Gas Preliminary Statement Part CO, Adjustment Mechanism for Costs Determined in Other ProceedingsNo06/17/202101/01/202029Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company6131E203/26/2021Submits Notice of Construction, Pursuant to General Order 131-D, for the Construction of the Birds Landing-Contra Costa 230 kV Project in the Counties of Sacramento and SolanoNo06/16/202104/25/202182Accepted
    Southern California Edison Company4207E205/06/2020Request by Southern California Edison Company for Approval to Grant (a) Easements to Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, a Canadian Corporation, and (b) an Easement to the County of San BernardinoNo06/16/202104/15/2021406Signed
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