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    3 Phases Renewables, Inc.56E202/14/2019GHG Emission Performance Standard (EPS) filing 2019No03/11/201903/15/201925Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC51ESP201/04/2016Energy Storage Procurement Program Progress Report and Cost EffectivenessNo04/13/201604/11/2016100Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC5ESP - 07/26/2006Resource Adequacy Compliance Filing for September 2006No08/23/200607/21/200628Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC24ESP - 05/29/2007August 2007 Resource Adequacy Compliance FilingNo07/16/200705/29/200748Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC31ESP - 11/26/2007January 2008 Resource Adequacy Compliance FilingNo03/12/200811/26/2007107Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC10ESP - 10/30/2006December 2006 Resource Adequacy Compliance FilingNo11/20/200610/30/200621Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC17ESP - 01/24/2007February 2007 Resource Adequacy Compliance Filing Affecting Retail Electric ServiceNo02/02/2007 - 9Withdrawn
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC13ESP - 12/06/2006Resource Adequacy ComplianceNo02/26/200711/29/200682Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC38ESP - 05/30/2008Resource Adequacy Compliance FilingNo06/19/200807/01/200820Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC25ESP - 07/30/2007September 2007 Resource Adequacy Requirement Compliance FilingNo08/14/200707/30/200715Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC6ESP - 08/23/2006Resource adequacy complianceNo10/01/200710/06/2006404Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC3ESP - 05/31/2006Resource Adequacy Compliance FilingNo07/21/200605/26/200651Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC14ESP - 12/27/2006February 2007 Resource Adequacy Compliance FilingNo02/26/200712/27/200661Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC11ESP - 11/01/20062007 Final System Resource Adequacy Requirement Compliance FilingNo08/27/200811/01/2006665Accepted
    3 Phases Renewables, LLC40ESP - 07/31/2008September 2008 Resource Adequacy Requirement Compliance FilingNo08/27/200809/01/200827Accepted
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