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    Golden State Water Company944-W - 01/17/1995[Barstow Dist] Recover litigation expenses of $150,000 as authorized in D.94-12-005No04/22/201402/26/19957035Accepted
    Bidwell Water Company26 - 01/31/1995Request authority to increase surcharge on the SDWBA loan as a result of increase in the interest rate of the DWR.No09/04/2002 - 2773Rejected
    San Jose Water Company278 - 08/02/1996To substantiate the profit associated with SJWC's billing contract with the City of San Jose pursuant to D. 96-07-036, dated July 17, 1996.No05/05/199905/22/19991006Accepted
    Hillview Water Company60 - 08/07/1997Impose a surcharge to recover fees paid to the Dept. of Health Services per Res. W-4013, dated Dec. 20, 1996.No10/19/2001 - 1534Rejected
    Hillview Water Company61 - 09/02/1997To establish the Sch. LC, Late Payment Charge, and to revise Rule No. 9 and Rule No. 11 pursuant to Resolution W-4035, dated April 9, 1997.No10/19/200110/10/20011508Accepted
    Conlin Strawberry Water Co., Inc.20 - 11/06/1997Offset increase in the Consumer Price Index pursuant to D.92-03-093.No05/17/2001 - 1288No Action
    Sonora Water Company33 - 02/17/1998Request to include an area which is being serviced by the utility into its service area.Yes05/16/2000 - 819Withdrawn
    Liberty Utilities (Park Water) Corp.176-W - 06/26/1998Seeking approval to transfer its voluntary conservation memorandum account to its production expense balancing account.No05/07/199905/06/1999315Accepted
    East Pasadena Water Company53 - 08/27/1998Add a surcharge to recover DHS regulatory expenses, and to amortize the accumulated accruals in the balancing account.No05/21/1999 - 267Withdrawn
    California American Water Company524 - 09/08/1998Revise Rule No. 14.1(B) to change the phrase from "three consecutive months, based on a year-to-date, twelve-month cumulative total" to "twelve consecutive months".No05/05/1999 - 239Withdrawn
    Golden State Water Company1041-W - 10/02/1998[Santa Maria District]Offset decreases in the cost of purchased electricity and gas, and to increase the negative amortization surcharge for the Supply Expense Balancing Account.No05/17/199905/18/1999227Signed
    Hawkins Water Service32 - 10/19/1998Update the service area map.No04/22/2015 - 6029No Action
    Gerber Water Works, Inc.38-W - 11/16/1998Offset increase in the Consumer Price Index; add a surcharge to recover fees paid to the DHS and water testing expenses resulting from EPA regulations; establish Sch. LC, Late Payment Charge and revise Rule 9 and Rule 11.No05/13/199912/31/1998178Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation77 - 12/24/1998[Moss Landing Division]Acquire the Moss Landing Heights Mutual Water System and to add its facilities to the division's service area.No05/17/199905/13/1999144Signed
    Del Oro Water Co., Inc.83 - 12/28/1998[Paradise Pines District]Increase quantity charge rates to cover costs of purchased water.No05/21/199905/19/1999144Signed
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