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    Bakman Water Company99109/16/20202020 CPUC Reimbursement FeeNo09/25/202010/01/20209Accepted
    Del Oro Water Co., Inc.524109/09/2020Change to Public Utilities Commission Reimbursement Fee from 1.23% to 1.43%No09/25/202010/01/202016Accepted
    Liberty Utilities (Park Water) Corp.302209/09/2020Liberty Park Water submits this advice letter to request authorization to establish a Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Memorandum Account ("PFASMA").No09/16/202010/09/20207Accepted
    Alpine Village Water Company20109/07/20202020 User FeeNo09/25/202010/01/202018Accepted
    Liberty Utilities (Apple Valley Ranchos Wtr) Corp243109/04/2020Liberty Apple Valley submits this advice letter to revise its Schedule No. UF.No09/10/202010/01/20206Accepted
    Liberty Utilities (Park Water) Corp.301109/04/2020Liberty Park Water submits this advice letter in compliance with Resolution M-4841No09/10/202010/01/20206Accepted
    Great Oaks Water Company292109/02/2020Response to Proclaimed States of EmergencyNo09/25/202009/02/202023Accepted
    San Jose Water Company554109/02/2020Statewide Wildfires and Extreme Heat Disaster Relief Compliance FilingNo09/25/202008/14/202023Accepted
    California Utilities Service, Inc.78109/01/2020Reimbursement FeeNo09/25/202010/01/202024Accepted
    San Jose Water Company553109/01/2020Revise Public Utilities Commission Utilities Reimbursement Account User Fee to 1.43% per Resolution M-4841No09/25/202010/01/202024Accepted
    California Water Service Company2389108/31/2020Statewide Fires and Extreme Heat Disaster Relief Compliance FilingNo09/24/202008/14/202024Accepted
    Golden State Water Company1827108/28/2020Transfer Residual Balances in various Balancing and Memorandum Accounts to the General Ratemaking Area Balancing Accounts, pursuant to Decision No. 19-05-044.No09/22/202008/31/202025Accepted
    Havasu Water Company, Inc.46108/28/2020Reimbursement FeeNo09/11/202010/01/202014Accepted
    Twin Lakes Enterprises24108/25/2020COVIDNo09/15/202003/04/202021Accepted
    North Gualala Water Works126108/20/20202020 Reimbursement FeeNo09/15/202010/01/202026Accepted
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