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    California Water Service Company 1701 - 11/22/2004[Dominguez-South Bay District] Requesting a step increase in water rates of $230,600 pursuant to Decision 04-04-041.No01/18/200501/01/200557Accepted
    Mira Monte Water Company 20 - 07/02/2008To revise its rates, rules, and form in compliance with Resolution W-4693, dated June 26, 2008.No07/09/200807/07/20087Accepted
    California-American Water Company1 - 05/13/2003[Las Palmas Ranch, Laguna Seca Ranch, and Carmel Valley County Sanitation Districts] Establish the wastewater rate schedule and related tariffs pursuant to Decision No. 03-02-044, dated February 27, 2003.No06/13/200306/12/200331Accepted
    Canada Woods Water Company1 - 05/08/2002To file advice letter and tariff sheets as a new utilityNo05/28/200205/13/200220Accepted
    Canada Woods Water Company - Sewer1 - 05/08/2002A new sewer utility filing in compliance with Decision 0204006.No05/28/200205/13/200220Accepted
    Cypress Ridge Sewer Company1 - 07/03/2002Compliance filing to accept certificate granted and to establish the complete set of tariffs for its Cypress Ridge sewer service pursuant to Decision 02-06-005 dated June 6, 2002.No01/15/200301/01/2003196Accepted
    Dunnigan Water Works1 - 01/11/2008New utility filing in compliance with Decision 07-04-018.No04/16/200804/14/200896Accepted
    Golden Hills Sanitation Co., Inc.1 - 08/04/2010Compliance filing to establish tariff schedules for sewer service pursuant to Decision 10-05-025 dated May 20, 2010.Yes09/20/201009/20/201047Accepted
    Keene Water System1 - 08/16/2004To establish a memorandum account to track costs associated with water hauling.Yes10/08/200410/07/200453Signed
    Mayacama Golf Club, LLC1 - 09/19/2003A new utility to file tariff rules in compliance with Decision 0308056.No10/25/200509/24/2003767Accepted
    McCanna Ranch Water Company1 - 01/26/2005To file its Advice Letter No. 1 to include its Preliminary Statement, Rates, and Rules in compliance with Decision 99-08-016. .No06/16/2005 - 141Rejected
    Redwood Lodge Water Company1 - 04/13/2012To establish its rates in compliance with Ordering Paragraph 2 of Decision 12-03-012.No04/18/201205/01/20125Accepted
    Sierra Park Water Company1104/04/2016Establish Tariff Book per D.16-01-047Yes05/06/201604/04/201632Accepted
    Watertek Incorporated1 - 01/16/2003Compliance filing to establish the complete tariff schedules for the water system, and to cancel the tariff schedules of former utilities Grand View Gardens Water Co. and Metropolitan Water Company.No01/24/200301/24/20038Accepted
    Dunnigan Water Works - Sewer1-SS - 01/11/2008New sewer utility filing in compliance with Decision 07-04-018.No02/25/200801/15/200845Accepted
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