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    Agate Bay Water Company39112/21/2015Update User Fee Schedule per Res. M-4828No01/12/201601/01/201622Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company42104/03/2019CPUC user fee updateNo04/13/201904/03/201910Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company43104/03/2019Revise Forms and Water Bill disputes. Revise tax gross-up on CIAC and AIAC Rule 15No04/13/201904/03/201910Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation179105/14/2018Delete Special Conditions No. 7 from Schedule No. 1-SFR as the surcharge approved in AL 171 is no longer necessaryNo07/09/201805/14/201856Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation164112/08/2015Establish 2015 Water Conservation Program Surcharge per D.11-03-005No12/29/201501/01/201621Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation173104/06/2017Recover Department of Public Health User Fee Balancing Account not included in ratesNo05/11/201705/01/201735Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation165101/21/2016Recover CDPH User Fee Balancing AccountNo02/05/201602/01/201615Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation181112/11/2018Update user fee in compliance with Res. M-4839No02/20/2019 - 71Withdrawn
    Alisal Water Corporation182112/21/2018Request Establishment of a surcharge to collect funds for the 2019 Water Conservation Programs with an annual budget of $85,000No01/30/201901/01/201940Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation175112/15/2017Establishment of a surcharge to collect funds for the 2018 Water Conservation ProgramsNo01/24/201801/01/201840Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation176112/15/2017Update user fee in compliance with Res. M-4832No01/18/201801/01/201834Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation171101/03/2017Establishment of a surcharge to collect funds to recover the 2015-2016 WRAM balancesNo03/06/201701/04/201762Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation168112/13/2016Update User Fee in compliance with Res. M-4830No12/30/201601/01/201717Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation180111/02/2018Modify Tariff Rule 5 and Tariff Rule 10 to conform with the new CPUC CAB contact informationNo11/26/201811/02/201824Accepted
    Alisal Water Corporation167105/09/2016Remove Expired SurchargeNo05/27/201605/09/201618Accepted
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