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    Agate Bay Water Company35 - 09/26/2011Offset rate increase to recover new plant additions allowed in Res. W-4850 and offset new plant that is in use and useful.No02/24/201202/28/2012151Signed
    Agate Bay Water Company37 - 04/14/2014General Rate Case (TY 2014)Yes04/15/201504/20/2015366Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company36 - 04/14/2014Interim Rate IncreaseNo06/18/201404/14/201465Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company33 - 01/24/2011Compliance with Resolution No. W-4850 dated November 19, 2010 to update its Schedule UF, Surcharge to Fund PUC Reimbursement Fee, Rules 2, 3, 5, 10, and service Form No. 3.No02/02/201101/27/20119Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company28 - 09/03/2009To offset rate adjustment for new plant.No01/06/201001/05/2010125Signed
    Agate Bay Water Company26 - 08/30/2007Rate increase to recover investment in new plant and equipment; add a one time surcharge to recover the Dept. of Health Services fees.No11/20/200711/21/200782Signed
    Agate Bay Water Company34 - 01/31/2011To recover the operating fees imposed by the California Department of Public Health.No02/24/201102/22/201124Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company25 - 05/30/2006Offset increase in the Consumer Price Index for 2005.No06/28/200606/29/200629Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company41304/03/2019Offset Rate Adjustment of 8.875% new mains, treatment plant, pumping equipment & servicesNo09/16/201908/27/2019166Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company42104/03/2019CPUC user fee updateNo04/13/201904/03/201910Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company29 - 02/24/2010To recover operating costs imposed by the California Department of Public Health.No03/17/201004/01/201021Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company31 - 06/01/2010Request for a general rate increaseNo11/23/201011/27/2010175Signed
    Agate Bay Water Company23 - 08/27/2001Compliance filing pursuant to Resolution W-4285, dated August 23, 2001.No08/31/200109/01/20014Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company30 - 04/13/2010Interim increase for GRC.No06/11/201006/01/201059Accepted
    Agate Bay Water Company27 - 08/20/2008To recover investment in new plant and equipment backhoe, and dump trailer.No10/29/200811/01/200870Signed
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