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    San Jose Water Company566107/23/2021Request authorization to correct a typographical error on Advice Letter 561No07/28/202107/23/20215Accepted
    San Gabriel Valley Water Company566107/20/2021Preliminary Statement RevisionsNo07/28/202107/20/20218Accepted
    California Water Service Company2415207/08/2021[RDV-Coast Springs, RDV-Lucerne, Kern River Valley (Lakeland and Squirrel Mountain area)] Decrease in the surcharges for Safe Drinking Water Act loans in Coast Springs, Lucerne, Lakeland, and Squirrel MountainNo07/13/202108/15/20215Accepted
    Great Oaks Water Company304107/02/2021Correction of Typographical Error on Schedule No. 1 General Metered Service Tiered RatesNo07/09/202107/01/20217Accepted
    Bakman Water Company103107/01/2021Extending Emergency Customer ProtectionsNo07/02/202107/01/20211Accepted
    California-American Water Company67307/01/20212020 Excess Protected (Plant) ADIT RefundNo07/29/202107/31/202128Accepted
    California American Water Company1340306/30/20212020 Excess Protected (Plant) ADIT RefundNo07/29/202107/31/202129Accepted
    Big Basin Water Co., Inc.80106/28/2021Consumer ProtectionsNo06/30/202107/01/20212Accepted
    San Gabriel Valley Water Company565106/28/2021Extends the COVID-19 Emergency Customer Protections through September 30, 2021No06/29/202106/28/20211Accepted
    Sonora Water Company81106/28/2021Consumer ProtectionsNo07/26/202107/01/202128Accepted
    Suburban Water Systems355106/28/2021Extension of Emergency Customer Protections Through September 30, 2021No06/29/202106/28/20211Accepted
    California American Water Company1339106/25/2021COVID-19 Customer Protection Extension to 09/30/2021No06/29/202106/30/20214Accepted
    Canada Woods Water Company26106/25/2021Consumer ProtectionsNo06/30/202107/01/20215Accepted
    Del Oro Water Co., Inc.530106/25/2021Compliance for Extension of Res. M-4849 to September 30, 2021No06/29/202106/25/20214Accepted
    Liberty Utilities (Apple Valley Ranchos Wtr) Corp256106/25/2021Emergency Customer Protections ExtensionNo06/29/202106/25/20214Accepted
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