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    Pacific Bell48920109/29/2021ContractNo10/19/202109/29/202120Accepted
    Pacific Bell48918109/29/2021ContractNo10/19/202109/29/202120Accepted
    Pacific Bell48921109/29/2021ContractNo10/19/202109/29/202120Accepted
    Pacific Bell48917109/29/2021ContractNo10/19/202109/29/202120Accepted
    Pacific Bell48922109/29/2021ContractNo10/19/202109/29/202120Accepted
    Pacific Bell48919109/29/2021ContractNo10/19/202109/29/202120Accepted
    Pacific Bell48923109/29/2021ContractNo10/19/202109/29/202120Accepted
    Southern California Gas Company5871G209/28/2021Expedited Advice Letter Approval for Capacity Contract between Southern California Gas Company and Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd. (Foothills).No10/11/202110/19/202113Accepted
    Sea Ranch Water Company, The110109/24/2021Emergency Water Agreement with Kashia Utility DistrictNo10/07/202109/24/202113Accepted
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company4495G/6341E209/23/2021PG&E's Tier 2 Advice Letter Addressing Annual Costs Associated with Development and Deployment of IT & Marketing Strategies for the CHEEF Programs.No10/19/202110/23/202126Accepted
    San Diego Gas & Electric Company3857E/3016G209/23/2021San Diego Gas & Electric Request for Approval of Budget and Funding Recovery for the California Hub for Energy Efficiency Financing (CHEEF) ProgramsNo10/19/202110/23/202126Accepted
    San Diego Gas & Electric Company3015G109/23/2021August 2021 Standby Procurement RateNo10/19/202109/23/202126Accepted
    Southern California Edison Company4595E209/23/2021Decision Extending California Hub For Energy Efficiency Financing Programs and Conditionally Approving Use Of Platform For Non-Ratepayer Funded ProgramsNo10/19/202110/23/202126Accepted
    Southern California Gas Company5868G209/23/2021Southern California Gas Company Request for 2022-2027 Financing Pilots Budget.No10/19/202110/23/202126Accepted
    Pacific Bell48911109/22/2021ContractNo10/12/202109/22/202120Accepted
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