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    Pacific Bell27315 - 09/09/0105Amendment no. 11 with KMC Data, LLCNo11/23/200510/09/2005694037Accepted
    Jato Operating Two Corp4 - 07/06/0200Introduction of a new promotionNo07/28/200007/11/2000657459Accepted
    Sprint Communications Company, LP659 - 03/03/0303Introduce sprint/telsouth Mexico surcharge prepaid phonecard and change name Sprint/TelSouth Prepaid Calling Card etc.No04/18/200304/12/2003620958Accepted
    Teleconnect Company119 - 12/31/0304To reintroduce T*USA TalkSmarter USA Promo 1 and TalkSmarter Block of Time 500 Promo1No03/04/200401/05/2004620610Accepted
    Pacific Bell33662 - 09/30/1981CONTRACTNo12/15/200809/30/20089938Accepted
    Citizens Utilities Company of Calif472 - 12/29/1989Add Schedule No. C-1, Protection Service for High Voltage EnvironmentsNo05/09/2003 - 4879No Action
    Pacific Bell15660 - 01/16/1990Establish new section 14.6, Meet Point Billing Percentage InformationYes01/23/200302/26/19904755Accepted
    Pacific Bell15711 - 03/22/1990Revise Schedule A9.1.8, Central Office Electronic Tandem Switching; define "facility" associated w/ the Message Detail Recording to Premises service offeringNo01/06/200305/02/19904673Accepted
    Pacific Bell15712 - 03/22/1990To modify the regulations associated with Centrex Optional Features, Sectional Billing Service and Call Forwarding VariableNo01/24/200305/02/19904691Accepted
    The Siskiyou Telephone Company173 - 04/20/1990Annual ULTS cost projection worksheetNo12/10/199906/30/19903521Accepted
    Contel Service Corporation888 - 04/26/1990Universal Lifeline Telephone Service projected cost data for fiscal year 1990/1991No12/10/199906/30/19903515Accepted
    Pacific Bell15756 - 06/04/1990Replace provisional tariff for Public Packet Switching with a new tariff sch. A18Yes01/24/200307/15/19904617Accepted
    Frontier California Inc.5268 - 08/30/1990Centranet Service-Extension of Provisional TariffYes04/22/2005 - 5349No Action
    Alltel Corporation1 - 09/07/1990Initial filing per D.90-08-020No06/14/201009/12/19907220Accepted
    Oncor Communications, Inc.16 - 10/03/1990Introduce an operator dialed surcharge for calls placed from non-COPT locationsYes02/20/200311/12/19904523Accepted
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