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Judith Bruce Simi Valley, CA93065

I request that the CPUC reject AT&T’s application to discontinue residential service and relinquish its ETC designation in California. AT&T is abandoning these residential customers. I request that the CPUC suspend consideration of AT&T’s application. We use our land lines ALL THE TIME. We do not have reliable cell service. It would be a disaster not to have our regular and copper line.

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Soula Culver Berkeley, CA94702

Copper landlines must be retained and maintained. I am disabled with electrosensitivity and VoIP will not work for me. I cannot have cellphones etc. This is an ADA issue. Yes, we desperately need landlines. There are a lot of people depending on them. CPUC: be a watchdog, do your job.

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Eileen Bill Santa Rosa, CA95405

We NEED our landlines. They are sometimes the only phones that work in an emergency and, also, locate the emergency service to the caller's location. Too many cell phones either don't have service at times or "drop" the calls or are "fuzzy" and hard to understand!

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B Dudney, MD Forestville, CA95436

My landline is the only phone that works in the hills where I live where cell service is not available. Being EMR-sensitive makes a cell phone off-limits, as well as much of CA now blanketed with deadly radiation. Please don't kill landlines!!!

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Anthony Corman Berkeley, CA94703

Please preserve land lines - they are essential in disaster scenarios where cell service goes down!

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Laura Klein BERKELEY, CA94703

I urge you to maintain landlines. They are essential for public safety. Cell phones do not work during power outages, which happen frequently in California. There are many older or disabled people who desperately need landlines. Please preserve this important technology!

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Garril Page San Anselmo, CA94960

Landlines provide essential communication. No person should be denied access to emergency information or communication. A diversity of communication tools guarantees a robust and more reliable access to information and assistance for the public. Emergency responders know the value of landlines: landlines remain mandated in many ordinances and guidelines, and are installed in offices and homes. Post emergency reports and studies document the role of landlines in floods and power outages when landlines provided service after cell towers failed. The CPUC has commissioned such reports and has the documentation showing the prevalence and performance of copper landlines as compared with various cell services. All modes of communication have essential roles. Overlapping means of communication is more likely to provide service than reliance on a single technology. Claims that such backup is needless redundancy are specious and self-serving to the utilities. To allow utilities to fail to maintain or to remove landline communication and emergency assistance devices would be the irresponsible removal of a proven source of emergency communication. Without stated legal requirements and mandated oversight, utilities have a poor record of providing emergency service communication tools; 'guaranteed' backup power has been unavailable in emergencies. People have been left helpless with no means of communication, information and left unable to summon aid or to report incidents. My concerns are not new. My inquiries about landline preservation to state and federal representatives receive no responses, proving the strength of AT&T's lobbying. Action by the CPUC should demonstrate this, too, is not a captured entity. We expect the CPUC to protect public safety. This agency may be underfunded and understaffed, but people die when the CPUC fails to remedy failures in the provision of public safety. Requiring the preservation and maintenance of traditional landlines is an essential service, necessary for public safety. Redundancy of communication methods is a critical element of emergency response.

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vivienne Verdon-Roe Bolinas, CA94924

Please make sure those who are in rural areas, those who are disabled and those who are in emergency situations have continued use of landlines. For many this is a life and death issue. Please ensure those in such need are not abandoned.

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L. Giannoni Oakland, CA94602

Please require that AT&T continue to maintain landlines for residential users. There are people with disabilities that make it physically impossible for them to use cell phones. There are people like myself who get very sick using wireless devices. Without landline phone service and DSL broadband internet, we would be dangerously isolated and unable to maintain our lives. Besides emitting harmful microwave radiation, cell phones are more expensive to maintain, more complicated to use, have poor quality sound and service, and need frequent recharging. Landlines provide more secure internet connections, are more reliable during disasters, and keep working during power outages. I assume this is why AT&T is not suggesting discontinuing them for government and business use.

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Tarry Connor Livermore, CA94551

We need landline. My roommate is electrosensitive and gets nausea using a cell phone . I have trouble hearing and the landline is much clearer. We are concerned with all the 5G cell towers going in and what that will do to sensitive people.

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Cassandra Lista Santa Rosa, CA95407

I rely on my landline especially during storms when the power in my area frequently goes out. When there is a power outage my mobile phone doesn't work but my landline =always= works. I'm sure that I'm not alone in depending on my landline. It is crucial for emergencies.

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Neil Hancock Cotati, CA94931

I have maintained a landline for reliable audio connections, and reliability through power outages. Landlines provide a reliable audio bandwidth. Cellphones are unreliable audio, very confusing when they start companding/error recovery.

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Woody Hastings Sebastopol, CA95472

The cell phone reception is not good where we live. We rely on our landline for most calls while we are at home. The CPUC should only allow AT&T to exit if and when a plan is in place for a new carrier, or the state, to take over provision and maintenance of the service.

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Kamal Prasad Hayward, CA94544

I used to live in a rural area in CA that only had landline service. Cell phones didn't work, and we didn't have adequate broadband service to get VOIP phones. Don't let AT&T cut off this crucial service from my ex-neighbors.

Aug 31, 2021 9:23 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate

When I had to evacuate due to the Kinkaid fire, neither my cell phone nor my Xfinity/cable phone were functioning. The only call that I received advising me that I had to leave my house was on my AT&T landline. Please don't let them abandon folks like me.

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