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Kate Goka Brisbane, CA94005

Angel Island is an important National Historic Landmark that is part of the history of San Francisco, California and the United States. It is imperative that there is ongoing ferry service from San Francisco to the island so that people can get there in a reliable way.

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Michele Lee Berkeley, CA94709

Please continue the ferry service to Angel Island. This is a critical historic landmark that helps tell the story of the creation of our state. It is important that people continue to have access to this site.

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John Hare-Grogg Stanford, CA94305

I urge the Public Utilities Commission to prevent the cessation of regular ferry service between San Francisco and Angel Island. While the difficulties facing small businesses such as Blue and Gold Fleet deserve close attention, this ferry service is an important public good, enabling people from across the Bay Area (and beyond) to reach a historically significant site and a well-loved recreational resource. As other commenters have noted, ending ferry service could affect the public inequitably, since low- and middle-income people from San Francisco and the Peninsula would lack an easy alternative way to reach this state park, whereas wealthier residents likely could avail themselves of private boat transportation. The Commission should investigate alternatives, such as subsidizing ferry operations, allowing a modest fare increase, or seeking a new ferry operator to take over the route without a discontinuity in service. At a minimum, the Commission should study the economic benefits of maintaining the ferry service, which may include benefits for businesses in San Francisco that serve people coming into the city as they make trips to Angel Island. Thank you for your careful attention to this issue.

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Martin MacKerel San Francisco, CA94115

Angel Island is a gem of the Bay Area, with much to explore and learn about the many layers of history of the island, as well as wonderful camping, picnicking, biking, and hiking. I love Angel Island, and want to make sure that it remains accessible to all. Please ensure that ferry service to Angel Island continues. Thank you!

Jan 12, 2021 10:28 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
P Higa San Francisco, CA94112

It is imperative the Blue & Gold Fleet continue service to Angel Island so the public can continue to learn an important part of U.S. history: how it discriminated against, and maltreated Asian immigrants, particularly Chinese immigrants. This history should inform everyone as we attempt to create a non-discriminatory and equitable immigration policy.

Jan 11, 2021 1:11 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
H HUI San Francisco, CA94111

This is the most direct way to kill off the Angel Island Immigration Station. From a most optimistic angle, it will became a reserve for the rich who can afford to go there in their private yachts. Chinatown will not be able to access it. A part of our precious history will be obliterated.

Jan 10, 2021 11:33 am Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Carol Lee Sacramento, CA95833

I urge continued access to this important historic and cultural symbol that brings light to a dark time in Chinese American History. Angel Island serves as an invaluable educational resource to the lessons of intolerance and exclusion. Established as an exclusion of Chinese immigrants, eliminating access by stopping the ferry would only serve as a second insult and assault on those who suffers the humilation of retention at Angel Island. A suggestion might be for Blue & Gold Fleet and all of us to increase promotion of this treasure when the pandemic subsides.

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Annelise Heinz Portland, OR97206

As an historian, I implore you to keep visitation to Angel Island. It is an essential testament to the nation's immigration history, especially on the Pacific border, that remains far less known -- but is no less important than -- Ellis Island. Experiencing the space, seeing the carved poems on the walls, cannot be replicated in any other way.

Jan 07, 2021 6:50 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Serena Chan San Francisco, CA94109

Access to Angel Island should not be stopped because this is the only link to an important Chinese American history. I understand this is a challenging financial time for the ferry and I would greatly appreciate a creative solution so that both the ferry business can be maintained and our society will be able to continue to access this important piece of history. Thank you.

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Jamie McCullough Belvedere Tiburon, CA94920

As a Marin native and Tiburon resident for nearly 48 years I would be very disheartened to have the Blue and Gold Fleet withdraw their service to San Francisco from Tiburon. Not only would it affect the residents of Tiburon: losing their casual (but not inexpensive) avenue to SF, but it will continue to have a further deleterious economic effect on the businesses of Main Street and beyond. Our town (as most in Marin at this time) is suffering greatly and we need to hang on to any shred of hope we have...the hope that we will once again see tourists & visitors in our town having enjoyed a voyage over the Bay. Please don't discontinue service to our sweet town! Help us get back on the road to recovery.

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Adele Madelo Oakland, CA94611

To whom it may concern: Years ago I was privileged to take my 8th graders to Angel Island. We camped there for 2 1/2 days. While we were there we learned about the history of the island, including the plight of the many Chinese immigrants who were housed there. This was a valuable lesson for our kids. While it's been years since we've been able to return to the island, our other grades have been able to go there as have some of our families. It truly serves an educational purpose. If the Blue & Gold Fleet doesn't do this route, it will be harder to get this history out to our young people, especially in an experiential way that the ferry service allows.

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Eric Mar San Francisco, CA94121

Please do everything you can to ensure that ferry service continues from San Francisco to Angel Island. I agree with the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation’s argument: “not having direct ferry service from San Francisco to Angel Island would be equivalent to not having direct ferry service from Manhattan to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.”

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Heather Findlay Belvedere, CA94920

The plague has been hard enough for the businesses in Tiburon -- and now Blue and Gold wants to cut them off from visitors from SF? Please don't let them do this. And Angel Island is such an incredible resource, recreational and educational ... there MUST be some way for Blue and Gold to adapt, or to gently transition the service to another provider. Please stop them from isolating us!

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Simone St Clare Benicia, CA94510

The reason that Blue & Gold Fleet has given for asking to discontinue their ferry service to Angel Island is that ticket sales and revenue have decreased over the years and they are close to operating at a loss on this particular route. Pardon me, but when a business is losing customers, what do most businesses do? They do more marketing! Perhaps if Blue & Gold invested in some updated marketing using social media, contests, outreach to tourist boards, etc. they would increase rider share not only on the Angel Island route, but possibly other routes as well. It would be wrong and shortsighted to deprive the public of the means to access Angel Island and its history when other avenues to solve the company's financial problems have not been addressed.

Jan 03, 2021 9:28 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Vicki Young Lake Forest, CA92630

PLEASE keep the Angel Island Ferry from San Francisco! For us of Chinese American descent, it is our gateway to the USA and has huge emotional and historical meaning. I am one of the proud descendants of a worker on the 150 year old Transcontinental RR and my family has been to Angel Island on your ferry to trace our roots. My aunt was the FIRST Chinese American female translator at Angel Island and her photo is still on the walls. My cousins have volunteered many hours and took your ferry to get to A.I. At a time when minorities need to be heard, A.I is critical for our children to see what their ancestors did to come to the USA and it would be a travesty to not let the public experience this important part of our personal history. SAVE the A.I. FERRY! Our son lives in the SF area and we have traveled on your ferries more times than we can count.

Jan 01, 2021 9:57 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
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