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Kristi Nagel San Dimas, CA91773

I don't really think it's fair that they want to increase the prices. I've been out of work since the Covid began, and i'm barely starting back to work on June 18. I know alot of people that are still out of work and can not afford the increase in price. We are just coming out of a pandemic people, come on be reasonable.

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Rey Armenteros Artesia, CA90701

Although I appreciate that GWS is looking for the means of bringing higher quality water, I think this is not the right time for this if it’s going to cost us more money. There are still people out of work. For those of us still working, many of us are not getting raises that equate to the rise in prices. The prices of essentials like gasoline have been going up, but our wages are not. The percentages they are proposing are quite dramatic. During the Region 2 Hearing, one gentleman referred to the fact that GSW is asking us to use less water if our rates go up, but we are in fact already doing that. And this is true in our household, and that of our neighbors’. It makes the people in the community wonder if improving infrastructure were not the only reason that GSW is asking for more money. Given the COVID situation, fewer people are taking showers or watering their plants to curb general expenses. And if GSW is attempting to make up for losses they might have suffered from that situation, then they are in fact penalizing the customers for doing the very thing they ask of us if our bills become too high. We in the community of Artesia do believe that that is something that needs to be looked into.

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Christina Sandoval San Dimas, CA91773

The projected 11.38% increase for 2022 is much too high, especially with the financial situation brought upon by the pandemic. It is grossly unjust that a company would insist on implementing such a high increase at this time.

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kevin varty barstow, CA92311

These people are nothing but CROOKS, every couple of years they want another HUGE RAISE ! Please don't pass this!! GSWC rates were too high 10 years ago and they have just kept increasing them every couple of years. Private Companies need to stay out of the water business. Thank You

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Steven Davidson Clearlake, CA94951

I would like to add that if these rates are approved in full or even moderately that it comes with a strong recommendation from the CPUC that any of the GS water systems that are in a high fire danger encourage Golden State to work in those communities to bring Fire flow and Fire Hydrant spacing up to current code standards. Because of the ever increasing threat to communities and the large loss of structures over the last few years and the projections of even greater property loss in the future, this commitment by all water companies is imperative. Thank - You for the opportunity to comment

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Judith Burch Orcutt, CA93455

Public Utilities serve the the public. Get rid of the private company which needs to make a profit and sell it to the state who can better manage costs over time. This company has been raising rates for several years and still delivering awful water quality to Orcutt. We have no choice as there is only one provider. Maybe because it is a monopoly it can do whatever it wants. I have a fixed income which is a hair above qualifying for public assistance for utility bills. This rate hike is ridiculously high. They appear to me to be bad managers of this most precious resource and need to turn it over to someone who will give it the care it needs. I CAN'T AFFORD THIS!

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Don Hatch Rancho Cordova, CA95670

Over the previous 3 year period GSWC increased their fees by 36+ percent (something like 24+%, 6+%, and 5+% in respective years.) Now they want 24 percent over the next 3 years. It sounds more like price gouging, not near normal inflation. The CPUC should look into what happened to the last 36%. Also, are these price increases adjusted according to where the service region is located. Last I knew, all the water flows East to West and North to South. The Arcade-Cordova region in Sacramento shouldn't have to pay for all the costs associated with the Southern California regions.

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Julia Hurst Clearlake, CA95422

this is more then my fixed income can handle.

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Steven Kroeze Lakewood, CA90715

REASONS to Dismiss GSWC's Onerous Rate Increases Request: • I live in Lakewood east--40% higher than Lakewood west--son's proof o Lakewood has well water, but 40%? Isn't profit for a public utility capped by law to 9%? • I have a graph that was put together by several concerned customers in Lakewood o It compares GSWC's the current water rates, and their proposed increases, to 32 cities, taken from all nine Class A Water Utilities in California (their competition), and including ten local surrounding Cities to Lakewood, who provide at least a portion of their own water. All rates are available on the Companies' and Cities' websites.  One can visually see that GSWC's current Tier 1 rates is second highest, and Tier 2 is fourth highest!! After their proposed increases they will be the highest all 32 cities and areas!!! • I'D LIKE TO EMAIL YOU THE CHART, WITH SUPPORTING DATA, IF YOU GIVE MY AN EMAIL ADDRESS • Also, have you looked at their first quarter 2021 10Q? I'm no accountant, but... o Net income/profits up about 10% o Cash is up significantly, increased dividends, $8M quarterly deprecation (Accruals?) o American States Water (Parent) executive staff making upward of $500k, 600k, $700k, $2.8M IN 2019!!! o If GSWC needs money, let them get it from their parent!  I RECOMMEND AN AUDIT OF THEIR BOOKS BEFORE ANY CONSIDERATION CAN BE GIVEN TO INCREASES. MAYBE BY VOLUNEERS FROM ALL CITIES AND AREAS AFFECTED?? • How about inflation? The City of Lakewood published on the CPUC's website that their increase request for the first year alone is 13.4 times the rate of inflation as compared to 2020 of 1.25% o You know there are over 220 comments on the CPUC website; DOES ANYONE READ THEM??? • How about the old "I bought too much water and you need to pay for it WRAM/MCBA surcharge fees through 2025 with a $310,000 overage first quarter!!! Seriously... • Reality Check o 250 homes in my neighborhood; 10% have quite watering because previous increases and the current rates--40% higher--  26% increase is a self fulfilling prophesy  Decrease in property values  We'll start t look like Bullhead City Arizona • Conclusion: There is no reason under the sun that justifies this kind of onerous, and publicly perceived greedy request for increases on their part especially since their earnings statement shows increased profit as recent as 1st quarter 2021. Or, are they just that horribly mismanaged? Are we the customers supposed to pay for their mismanagement? What else could explains their need for increased revenue when their profits and shareholders dividends increase every year? Finally, the evidence suggests there is not a need so let justice prevail and send them home with NO authorized increases.

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Mayor Robert Pullen-Miles Lawndale, CA90260

May 24, 2021 By public comment to: www.cpuc.ca.gov/A2007012Comments California Public Utilities Commission 505 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102 Re: General Rate Case - A.20-07-012 Golden State Water Company To Whom It May Concern: Pursuant to Rule 2 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure of the California Public Utilities Commission, the City of Lawndale (“City”) hereby files this protest to the Golden State Water Company’s (“GSWC”) Application A2007012 filed on July 15, 2020, notice of which was published on May 3, 2021. The City of Lawndale is a general law city, incorporated in 1959, and its businesses and residences are serviced by GSWC. The City, itself, is a ratepayer and customer of GSWC and is located in Region II. Through its Application, GSWC seeks a significant increase over its current, already high rates. Over the next three years, GSWC seeks annual rate increases for Region II of 13.3%, 4.3%, and 4.5%, respectfully. The total requested rate increase is 22.1%, or $34,166,500. GSWC customers already pay high water rates compared to those of other water purveyors, and the predominantly low and middle class ratepayers of the City are disproportionately and adversely impacted by such rates compared to other customers in Region II. Accordingly, the City opposes GSWC’s Application and requests that its Region II rates be adjusted to achieve fairness among all customers. Sincerely, Robert Pullen-Miles Mayor

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Mari Minor San Dimas, CA91773

This rate increase it just too much! This is so unfair after the year everyone has gone through. We have totally lost every bite of grass in our large back yard... there is only dirt! Yet, our water bill has steadily increased. The 23.5% increase is outrageous!

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Lloyd Wilkison San Dimas, CA91773

I for one think that the water increase is out of line, the increase is too much and on a fixed income I cannot afford it.

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victoria aguirre San Dimas, CA91773

I'm a resident of the city of San Dimas and I believe this is very unfair. We are all suffering from the pentamic and many of us were unemployed and can barely pay our bills. Some of us have been blessed and are able to work again and are still playing catch-up. I personally fell behind on my water bill and I know an increase is not going to help the situation at all. The infrastructure should have been a concern with the water company from day one and it should have been planned and Incorporated years ahead of time. It is very unfair to the customers especially at this time to incorporate a rate increase when so many people are suffering. This is a large increase and as many have stated this is an unfair increase especially in this time when so many people are suffering already just to put food on the table and pay their current water bill. I believe if this is thoroughly thought through other actions can be taken without hurting the customers.

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Rita Applewhite Gardena, CA90248

A 23.5% rate hike feels like a shakedown after the pandemic. How about asking GSW for a 23.5% rate DECREASE over the next 3 years? GSW’s rates are amongst the highest in the country. Why are their cost of services so much higher than other providers? Not to mention the water quality is bad. My water is hard and often green or discolored. GSW revenues under their parent company American States Water (AWR) seems to be doing very well. AWR enjoyed revenue and operating income increases up 18% year over year. Their 1Q21 earnings summary indicates total operating expenses increased only 4% over Yr 2020. "This upside was mainly driven by a higher water gross margin, resulting from new rates authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission.” If their corporate expenses increased only 4% why are they seeking a 23.5% rate hike? California residents have already sacrificed to comply with drought requirements, poor water quality, and consistently increasing rates. Please deny this unreasonable rate hike and only grant adjustments like 2% that track with the average workers wage increases.

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Dan Daniel San Dimas , CA91773

24% over 3 years as most are suffering from, a still ongoing pandemic , seems excessive . Most of us are still recovering from the setbacks and are just getting our lives back on track and BOOM 14+ % increase !?. Someone has to.look up for.lite guys, we trust you will do that for us.

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