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Stephen Saward Palm Springs, CA92264

The current electric rates, in light of historically low energy costs has vet not been lowered to reflect these costs. Instead, the proposal is to increase rates, which is counter to any general economic principles. Rates should more closely reflect costs of competing energy sources.

Jul 30, 2020 9:36 am Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
NaeSita Gonzales Victorville, CA92394

OPPOSED, to this ROBBERY from SCE ! They'll do and say anything to "pad" their pockets with NO justification or concern for the people. They should be ashamed of themselves but they're not. RIDICULOUS !

Jul 29, 2020 7:05 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
lis c San Bdo, CA92423

No. Why so much? Do not have us pay for SCE's mistakes. I strongly oppose this, do not hold us hostage!

Jul 29, 2020 11:21 am Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
J Hammons Riverside, CA92503

Please require SCE to control costs and set priorities in operations rather than sticking ratepayers with yet another price increase that far exceeds the rate of inflation.

Jul 25, 2020 8:40 am Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Gerry Fagoaga Alhambra, CA91801

I think it's unconscionable for Edison to propose a 40% increase in rates by 2023, and even more so during this coronavirus pandemic, which may be with us for more time than anyone suspected. I am already mindful of my use of electricity by not using my AC unless absolutely necessary for my health, keeping the light on only in the room I'm in, cleaning my home without electrical devices, washing my clothes weekly, and saving electricity any other way I can. With this significant rate hike, being 81 y.o., and living on social security and a small pension, I would be forced to make choices between paying for my medical needs, or paying my Edison bills. I know I'm not alone in this situation. As I've said, it's unconscionable for Edison to ask for this outrageous rate hike to pay for their $60 million bill for their wild insurance premium, and paying their shareholders $1.5 billion in profits!! WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?!?

Jul 15, 2020 1:52 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Joe Kam Chino, CA91709

Excluding the issues involving the COVID-19 pandemic, this rate increase for residential users is not justifiable. If an annual inflation is at a rate is at worst around 2.0% per year, this increase for residential to 14% is more than a 4 year increment. Another topic is that Edison already made other rate and policy changes that were made in-between the 4 year period, and now with recent fire risks there is a chance that power is simply shut off. I do not believe a 14% increase is justifiable from the stand point of quality of service provided either.

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Angela Arnone Simi Valley, CA93065

SCE subjects us to fires and constant power outages because SCE neglected to maintain the equipment over the years, despite constant rate increases. And now SCE has the audacity to increase our rates even further? For two weeks my community suffered through "upgrades" which comprised of 15 hours of SCE employees standing/sitting around and chatting while they waited for another employee to do something. Perhaps if SCE properly managed projects then SCE's overpaid employees would be more efficient at the job, less inclined to needlessly collect overtime pay, and SCE wouldn't have to gouge customers to cover the annual profit margin growth. For most companies, when times are hard or a company screws up, the company has to take a loss. Our utility companies should be no different. SCE needs to suck it up and should not be permitted to pass the expense of its negligence to the customers.

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Elena Rubin Rancho Mirage , CA92270

I totally oppose this raise increase. In this difficult time of COVID-19, please, help us to survive. Be kind and give us a break.

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Hank Fung Pomona, CA91767

I was reading the cross examination of the Edison CEO and he could not quantify the reduction in Public Safety Power Shutoffs, and other unscheduled outages, related to the amount of money Edison is allegedly spending to install conductors and otherwise mitigate wildfires. Rate increases need to have a clear correlation to reliability. If there are rate increases they cannot be on the basic charge and not on CARE rates. They should only be on usage above baseline. Also, while Time of Use rates are a great way to modulate usage, the spike in rates during the summer is now starting to cause a health safety issue, especially when COVID 19 has eliminated places like malls, libraries, and cooling centers where people may cool off instead of using peak rate energy. I would rather see rates go up in the base period more than in the peak period, as long as baseline rates stay the way they are.

Jul 14, 2020 10:31 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Mark Crum West Covina, CA91791

I strongly oppose this increase. In the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic is just not good. Edison charges $5+ to get a paper bill mailed to me. They deny access to their website unless I "Go Paperless Billing". This is not fair considering I'm $5+ to get a paper bill mailed. They need to take better steps to conserve their funds, Edison truck parked down the street over an hour with the engine running and the employee walking around the neighborhood looking at the poles.

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S Wu West Covina, CA91791

I am opposed to this increase.

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Arkady Arkhangorodsky Marina del Rey, CA90292

I am writing to oppose the increase, specifically in the residential costs. Residential rates are already among the highest, and are about to be increased by the largest amount. I believe that some of this increase should be shouldered by "Large Power" used by businesses, rather than passed to the residents.

Jul 12, 2020 12:13 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Iris Sanchez Lancaster, CA93534

Ridiculous your raising prices in this difficult time of this pandemic.

Jul 11, 2020 7:10 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
John Haire Lancaster, CA93536

Dear Sir or Ma'am: I wish to oppose the SCE proposed rate hike> reason this hike is not insignificant. It absolutely impact those who are retired or are on a fixed income. For instance, a $ .14 hike per KWH would equal a $ 70.00 increase for someone who used 500 KWH. Retirement is not rising that fast since it is based, if federal/SSec on a cost of living index. Moderate cost is especially vital for areas in Easter CA, such as the Antelope Valley, Mojave Desert, or near Palm Springs where temperature is well over 100 degrees and even up to 120 degrees during the summer. There is also a real potential for Taxes post CY 2003 to raise over 4Bil $ on a federal level! The retired have earned the ability or "right" to live in an air conditioned residence, to live out the remainder of their lives not in opulence perhaps but with some degree of comfort. It would be appalling for anyone to say, oh well use a cooling center. We have earned the ability to use our own home in a wide array of professions. While emotional, not everyone in CA is a movie mogul, movie star nor rich stock investor. A utility is a strategic asset for the people. The US is anything but a 3d World Nation. Please do not force a good per cent of the people to live like it is. SCE stock market performance has been admirable. Im not saying no raise but limited to something a little less drastic. Perhaps shift some costs from stock performance. Please do not forget the elderly and the retired. Thank you,

Jul 10, 2020 3:48 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Michael Frierson View Park, CA90043

I am opposed to raising the the price of electricity with what the country is going through at this time.

Jul 09, 2020 7:10 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
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