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Patrick Luepnitz Corona, CA92883

To the CPUC: I just received my monthly bill from SCE. And once again there is the usual rate increase request. It seems like every month this happens. No to any new rate requests SCE A.19-08-013. We are customers, not ATMs. Give us a break ,especially during this economy. 3 things are certain: death, taxes and rate increase requests from the SCE

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Barry Taff Palm Desert, CA92211

Are the people at SCE sadists who get pleasure by making their customers more difficult if not impossible for people who can barely afford their current rates?

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E Nelson Temple City, CA91780

I oppose the rate increase. The rates are already too high as it is, a rate increase is ridiculous. This is especially cruel to do during a pandemic where millions of people have lost their jobs.

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Tom Bauer Redondo Beach, CA90278

Salaries and benefits are overly generous and need to be greatly reduced before asking for rate increases. Ratepayers should not have to pay for low-income subsidies; shareholders or governments should pay for these unfair welfare costs. Rates should rise less than inflation.

May 31, 2020 3:26 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Garth Clark Glendora, CA91741

CPCU, Another rate increase from SCE? Apparently we rate payers do not understand the operating income platform for a utility as they must be on their own planet when it comes to rates and how they get them or don't get them approved. In maybe the past 12 months, SCE has sent their customers a good dozen, 12+, envelope stuffers with rate increase notices. One in particular was for recovery from wildfire damages to their poles/lines etc. Don't they have insurance for those losses? Why are customers paying for that? Also, other rate increases with very intuitive engineering language that is supposed to justify rate increases for this or that reasons and for just that one, about a 20% increase is requested. Does SCE really operate on such a fine line of income that they need hundreds of millions in rate increases per year? Many of us residential users are concerned with the formulas being used to suggest what a reasonable amount of residential power usage is per month. SCE has been using a number of 500 or 550 kWh's as the base typical power usage for most residential locations. They must be including apartments and condo's. That is likely not true as most of the folks in a 3 bed 2 bath home are using more than that in the winter time and using gas for hot water and heating. It's our opinion that the customary kWh usage is higher than that and much closer to 700 to 800 kWh in winter and 1,600+ kWh in summer times. We believe an investigation needs done to confirm this as SCE has been sending letters to their customers they are using more power than their neighbors are in similar homes which is untrue. SCE uses old and dated information to track this we believe. One of our neighbors doesn't have any air conditioning, is that fair to compare those who have it? Again, home and auto insurance doesn't increase this way and as often and neither does So Ca Gas. We can think of no other business or utility that is allowed to increase their rates for typically providing their products to their customers. And the fact that CALISO is involved makes this worse than ever. There will be no day in the future that the State finds a renewable source for 24x7 power generation yet because the best and cheapest source today isn't the cleanest in the eye of the State, they find it fair game to assess penalties and fines to power companies who sell power from conventional and cheaper sources. I guess once the penalties and fee's are paid to the State, like one use plastic bags at the grocery stores, it's okay after all to use them? Most of us Southern Californians object to power rate increases of any kind. The rest of the country, rural included, can do business with half the rates being charged by the big three utilities in CA. The national average for power cost is about 8 cents per kWh while in California its 35 to 50 cents per kWh. We object to more rate increases. Summer rates and Winter rates? The power generators and dam turbins don't care what time it is or what season it is, they generate power for the same cost all year long. Who is kidding who?

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edward gersich murrieta, CA92562

It seems maybe SCE doesn't know that millions of Californians are out of work. The latest pamphlet says, "a $14.00 monthly increase for 2021. My wife and I just can't afford that big of increase. It seems we get a pamphlet every month asking for a rate increase on one thing or another. I wonder if you folks there are keeping track of all the rate increases SCE is making for.

May 28, 2020 1:13 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Juhree Fort Visalia, CA93292

It is unconscionable that you are again seeking a huge (40%) hike in your charges, especially in view of the current economic situation. How I'd love such an increase in my Social Security!

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Daniel Monahan Canyon Country, CA91387

Pandemic, wholesale unemployment, people sick. These are really good reasons that So Cal Edison should resist the inclination to increase the burden on the good citizen rate payers of California. Other good reasons: recession, spikes in food costs, compassion, fairness.

May 26, 2020 12:25 pm Flag as Offensive or Inappropriate
Patricia Rehders GARDEN GROVE, CA92843

I am very conservative with my electricity usage and concerned about the rate increase. 40% shows a lack in fiscal responsibility. California needs to look at the way they do business.

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Kent Wiese Mission Viejo, CA92692

I am opposed to the rate increase. I live on social security and will never get a 40% increase. SCE doesn't deserve it either.

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deborah moseley huntington beach, CA92646

Please SCE Do Not Raise the rate It Has Gone Up So Far In 5 Years I am A Senior On Limited Income

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Richard Clawson Woodland Hills, CA91364

Dear Commissioners, I urge you to look with skepticism at the amount of revenue increase requested by the utility. I understand the need to pay for what we get. This means that if we want safe and reliable utilities, we need to pay enough to cover the costs of providing them, which can indeed go up as fire danger increases with changing climate and population. What I don't so readily accept is the massive amount of increase requested, without a sound quantitative justification. It is easy for a company to forecast large cost increases (such as the increased cost of investor funding) using models based on uncertain assumptions that favor a particular conclusion. The Commission's duty is to do an independent analysis to see if those claims really hold water. This analysis should also be public and transparent, so that outside interested parties can examine the evidence themselves. The increase should only be approved if said analysis finds compelling quantitative evidence to justify the full amount requested. I understand that no analysis can be completely certain, as it is not possible to predict with certainty the behavior of investors. Precisely because of this uncertainty, approval of increases should be cautious and conservative rather than erring on the side of excess. Thank you for you careful attention to this matter, and your efforts in support of the public interest.

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Keith Davis Long Beach, CA90805

It wasn't all that long ago that SCE, requested that the CPUC vote for a 25-30% rate increase. I find it appalling that they (SCE), are again asking for another increase. The recent wildfires which hit the southland were positively identified to be caused in part by Edison's failure to provide sufficient clearing in the areas adjacent to their remote power lines. Those short falls not withstanding, the time it takes for their crews to respond to outage situations is shamefully slow.

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Keith Davis Long Beach, CA90805

continuing from previous statements, I don't think it good business sense to give additional funds to SCE, when they have some of the worst response times to outage situations. Just something to think about.

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Richard Santucci Rancho Cucamonga, CA91739

Clearly SCE is not looking for cost reductions in light of the increased use of residential solar power and are trying to maintain their margin levels through rate hikes. Competition (the solar power use surge has hurt SCE) should not be used by monopolistic enterprises as an excuse to raise rates. Competition should force these monopolistic companies to become nimble and better at serving the customer at lowest cost possible. Do not allow SCE to remain fat and lazy. Make them become a modern company by denying rate hikes and as a consequence you will be forcing them to become a better company for the CA communities they serve.

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