Proceeding Information Search

Looking for information and documents for a specific proceeding? This page gives you options for how to get to what you are looking for quickly.

You can search for information for proceedings that are currently open, or that have been closed for less than 30 years. The more recent the proceeding, the more links there will be to documents filed in the proceeding.

Below we provide several different ways to search.

Proceeding Search (Click on underlined text for further information related to each search field)
Search Hints: You may search using partial proceeding numbers.

To narrow your search, you may enter information into any or all of the six search fields. When your search is complete, the proceedings matching your search will be grouped by ACTIVE, REOPENED, and CLOSED, and they will be listed in date order (newest first) within each group.

For example, you might be looking for proceedings related to renewable energy filed by PG&E between June 1, 2009 and May 30, 2010. To receive that list, you would enter:

-"06/01/2009" for Date Range Search (Low)

-"05/30/2010" for Date Range Search (High)

-"Pacific Gas and Electric Company" for Filer Search

-"Renewable" for Description Search.