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By using the PUC Transportation Reimbursement Account (PUCTRA) Worksheet , I agree to all of the following terms and conditions:

  • By using this website to complete a PUCTRA Worksheet, the PUCTRA statement generated will serve as my official PUCTRA Fee Statement.

  • I have read and understand the requirements regarding PUCTRA Statements, as set forth by the California Public Utilities Code, and applicable Commission Resolution, available on this web site, and certify that all entries are personally known by me to be true and correct and fully comply with all requirements contained therein.

  • I understand that the CPUC is not responsible for any errors entered by me or another person who is authorized to be a representative of the Carrier under the California Public Utilities Code and applicable Commission Resolution.

  • I understand that upon completing the PUCTRA Fee Statement online, I will need to print and sign the PUCTRA Fee Statement, and submit it along with payment of fees due to the CPUC. The PUCTRA Fee Statement and payment should be sent to the address under the Mailing Instructions.

    Once this browser is closed, all the information entered WILL NOT be saved.

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